Giuseppe Amadio: Recent Works

London, 21/12 – 12/02, 2016

Jerome Zodo Gallery is proud to present the first solo show by the respected Italian post-war artist Giuseppe Amadio, with a selection of nine new paintings.

Sharing conceptual inspiration with the influential Italian Zero and Spatialism movements, the exploration of the monochromatic aesthetic by Amadio is presented with aplomb. By reducing the characteristics of the traditional painting to a single colour, whilst shaping the canvas, Amadio creates a sense of sculptural multidimensionality; granting the viewer a non-static viewing space, and inviting one to not only absorb but inspect and investigate the source of the dynamism presented.

The organization of space and colour is thematically potent with each iteration possessing a different mood; from the regal gold of Lazie to the enveloping purity of Estolo, the gallery produces a perfect space for each experience. Allowing the power of light to interact with within the folds of his work, Amadio commands a stylized kinetic glow.

Born in 1944, In Todi, Italy, Giuseppe Amadio has been a part of various important exhibitions in both galleries and museums internationally, including “Percezioni Visive” (Galleria Spirale, Milan), “Estro…ri…flessioni” (Museo d’Arte dell’Otto e del Novecento, Rende, Italy), and “Rigorismo” (UNIX Gallery, New York and Wook Choi Gallery, Milan).

Giuseppe Amadio is an Italian painter born in Todi in 1944. He is known for his monochrome sculptural paintings, whose single colour surfaces are folded, stretched and curved for a dramatic effect.

After attending schools of art and technique, he enrolled in design and graphic advertising courses, overseeing industrial scale signage. He also alternated his activity as a painter with a role as an interior designer. For over twenty years he worked vigilantly as a study technician for the late artist Piero Dorazio’s studio.

His works draws inspiration from the shaped canvases of Agostino Bonalumi and his background in industrial design and Italian post-war modernism further influence his pieces.

Amadio’s works have been exhibited at the UNIX gallery in Miami, and Wook Choi Gallery in Milan, Italy.

His recent works will be displayed for a solo exhibition at Jerome Zodo Gallery in London from December 21, 2015 to February 12, 2016.